About us

Company Maridt GmbH

Your expert for precision parts

MARIDT GmbH is specialised in precision balls, micro-balls and rollers, wishes to offer the most suitable product for every specific use to its customers – with a detailed technical advice. This kind of service is hard to find on the market.

Test Reports

MARIDT GmbH does not only effect marketing operations but is equipped with technological know-how and measuring instruments in order to check all items bought and to deliver them with reports requested by the final customer.

Our Staff

Our technical and commercial staff are at all customers disposal to check and solve all problems concerning information and material purchases:


For continuous orders, MARIDT GmbH can deliver just-in-time from its own warehouse to guarantee the best possible service, while, upon specific inquiry, it can supply the items required within a reasonable time, check and deliver them to the customer. This simply means: We can offer a good quality service and a guaranteed product with very short delivery times.

Quality Products

With the support of high precision instruments, technical staff of MARIDT GmbH is able to do all specific tests in order to guarantee the highest quality of the product. Therefore all material in entrance is subject to a scrupulous acceptance analysis (diameter, hardness, surface quality, etc..) but, if required by the final customer, MARIDT GmbH company can do further tests according to the specific application of the ball and prepare the certificates of goods to be shipped.

Company Philosophy

Our company philosophy is to sell a quality product, economically priced, exactly meeting the customers needs.